mix tape: last days of summer.

Summer, where did you go!? I feel like we were just getting started a couple weeks ago. It's been an insane past couple months with a big move from New York to Chicago and tearfully leaving behind a lot of best friends, amazing co-workers & some of my favorite places in the world in hopes of starting a new chapter in the Midwest. I'm in need of a super light hearted mix, perfect for happy hour on the roof as the warm weather dwindles down. As a lady who used to spend a lot of Summer time in the Catskills, I was sure to include at least one Dirty Dancing track (The Ronettes). If you're lucky, this mix will inspire lots of hand clapping, dock dancing & late roof nights. So take a nice long sip of that moscow mule and enjoy! xx

listen to the playlist on spotify here.


  1. Love your playlist! Enjoy the weekend!


  2. Unfortunately Spotify is not yet available in Greece, but I'll hear your playlist on youtube. Good luck in Chicago... Hope all your dreams come true! Loved your blog from the first click! xx


grazie for your lovely comments!! xx.