spiffy specs.

I caught a glimpse of the Sylvester chandelier shades from A-Morir in the December issue of Bazaar and had to check out the rest of the brand immediately. Kerin Rose Weinberg launched A-Morir in 2008 and named the first collection after her most favorite classical composers. Since then, the brand has been collecting famous fans like Lady Gaga, Rihanna & Snoop Dog {no shock there}. These are some seriously decorated sunnies. Better yet, ever pair is handmade with genuine Swarovski stones. Take a gander at the rest of the current collection at A-Morir's online store.


jenna lyons, glamour girl.


The Glamour Women of the Year Awards were last night, and I cannot stop reading articles & tweets today about how touching and lovely Jenna Lyons' acceptance speech was. As we all know, she had a difficult year (Page Six was all over her divorce and new girlfriend Courtney Crangi, Fox News criticized her for painting her son's toenails pink). She spoke about how her start in the fashion business was not so glamorous  working in a hallway as an assistant to an assistant, but due a motto of "Nothing worth having is easy" she was able to eventually work her way up as President and reinvent J Crew to the current, buzz worthy business it is today. She thanked and credited her inspiring mentor (Mickey Drexler) for helping her build a fulfilling and trend altering career & loving son (Beckett) for reminding her that the world actually does revolve around him. Well thank you, world, for Jenna Lyons. And Congrats, Jenna! I think you're the coolest.


monday inspo.

oh, steve.


benzel & jessie ware: if you love me.

This video features the lovely soul singer from London, Jessie Ware, taking on the 90s song "If You Love Me" by Brownstone. It's spinned & reproduced by 15 year old Umi Takahashi & 16 year old Yoko Watanabe. This brilliant Osaka duo met on a an online message board about ankle socks (who doesn't these days) and bonded over their love for 90s R&B. The video is directed by Kate Moross, who gives a colorful & soothing touch to the new version. I dig.


cameron, get in my closet.

Rumor is that Alex Wang is on the very tight list of who's to take over for Nicolas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga. With creations like the Cameron boot, I can see why.


liebster award.

I was so excited to be nominated for the Leibster award by Kelly at the darling Sparkles and Shoes this past weekend. The Leibster award is given from one blogger to another up and coming blogger that has less than 200 followers. THE MEANING: Liebster is German and means  sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.  THE RULES: 1. Each person posts 11 things about themselves 2. Answer the questions the nominator made for you, and create 10 more questions for the blogs you nominate. 3. Choose nominations and link them to your post. 4. Go to their page and tell them.

My 11 Facts:
1. I voted early! I hope you did too, or are voting today!
2. Museums (in particular the MoMa, MET & DIA) cheer me up.
3. I desperately want a tattoo (or 7), but I change my mind daily on what I want so I haven't pulled the trigger yet.
4. The last book I read was Steve Jobs biography, and it took me approximately 6 months. Oops!
5. Brunch is my favorite time of day.
6. I really wish I spoke Italian. Or French. Or both.
7. Shiny Happy People by R.E.M. is my guilty pleasure song.
8. I dye my hair a new color or shade at least 4 times a year.
9. My middle named is spelled Meaghann, the Irish way. It's kind of ridiculous.
10. I have a serious weakness for anything with truffle oil.
11. My aunt wrote letters to me the day I was born & the first day she met me as a baby. She described the days to me, wrote about what was going on with my family and in the world and gave me some stellar life advice. She kept them and sent them to me for my 25th birthday. It was, by far, the coolest present I've ever received.

10 Qs from Kelly:
1. What is your favorite beauty product? Aquaphor! Or Nars Illumintor in Copacabana.
2. Gold or silver? Gold.
3. Three favorite online shopping websites? Pixie Market, ASOS, SSENSE.
4. What is something you learned recently? I am constantly (attempting to) learn how to get around my new city, Chicago! It is WAY more complicated than NYC. Hello, 6 way intersections? Barely numbered streets? Come on, help a lady out.
5. Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer? Fall for sure.
6. What is your favorite cereal? Whole Foods vanilla almond granola. nomnomnom.
7. If you could travel anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would you go? Today, I think I'd hang with Clooney on Lake Como.
8. What pair of shoes do you wear the most? Converse or Banfi Zambrelli! ;)
9. What did you laugh about today? The ridiculous mass texts I have going with my hysterical, one of a kind friends.
10. What three things do you want to make sure you always carry with you? iPhone, ultra fine tip sharpies + a ridiculous amount of bobby pins.

10 Qs for Nominees:
1. If you could live in any era, when would it be? 2. What is your favorite kind of tea? 3. How did you come up with your blog name? 4. What is your favorite holiday? 5. What language do you wish you spoke? 6. Sweet or Savory? 7. If you could interview any past (or current) President, who would it be? 8. Favorite tumblr? 9. What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod? 10. Guilty pleasure TV show?                                                              

I nominate:

Emily --> Isn't That Charming
Sheri Ann --> Sprinkles and Style
Heidi --> Dooley Noted Style
Albertina --> Mimosa Lane

Get it, ladies! xx


mix tape: 11.5.12.

you don't know how lucky you are - keaton henson
summerlong - xylos
landfill - daughter
12 - alexi murdoch
something good - alt-j
heartbeat - jjamz
about today (live) - the national
you're too cool - the zolas
all i want - kodaline
locked out of heaven - bruno mars
i know you care - ellie goulding
whirring - the joy formidable
give me love - ed sheeran
lick the pain of the burning handshake - zola jesus
farther along - josh garrels
setting stone - breakfast in fur


nyc's newest neighborhood.

It's good to see that in the wake of the horrifying storm that was Sandy last week some New Yorkers are able to find a touch of humor in the situation. Seeing the photos of hundreds of marathon runners heading to Staten Island today to help clean up, getting emails from my favorite restaurants in my old neighborhood that were giving out free food to those without power and chatting with friends who were housing everyone that could fit in their teeny tiny (but with power!) apartments all week reminded me if there was ever a city that can recover from a tragedy, it is most certainly my beloved New York. I love you New York, and I can't wait to visit you soon! If you want to help with Sandy relief efforts, you can donate to the American Red Cross here.


color crush: chartreuse.

I am no stranger to color. I have been known to peruse Pantone books for hours, and one of my favorite parts about my last job was picking all of the colors every season for Hunter Boots! Right now I am really digging this bright & unusual shade. Shop some of my current faves in this color below.