nyc's newest neighborhood.

It's good to see that in the wake of the horrifying storm that was Sandy last week some New Yorkers are able to find a touch of humor in the situation. Seeing the photos of hundreds of marathon runners heading to Staten Island today to help clean up, getting emails from my favorite restaurants in my old neighborhood that were giving out free food to those without power and chatting with friends who were housing everyone that could fit in their teeny tiny (but with power!) apartments all week reminded me if there was ever a city that can recover from a tragedy, it is most certainly my beloved New York. I love you New York, and I can't wait to visit you soon! If you want to help with Sandy relief efforts, you can donate to the American Red Cross here.


  1. Hi Lily!

    This post is so true, I am still living in the land of SoPo even though most of the city now has power. I love your blog and have nominated you for Liebster Award! I hope all is well and I can not wait to see what you post next!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Great blog! I am praying for a quick recovery for the city of New York and all of the East Coast that was affected by Sandy.

    I'm a new follower, I would love if you followed back :)


  3. oh totally agree. so nice to see a sense of humour about this - it's been all doom and gloom in the news over here :) fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  4. i hope all is well!Take care..

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  5. It's great to have humour in the midst of disaster, it helps get through it so much better!! x


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