Closet full of clothes, Nothing to wear.

Living in our "loft" apartment in New York City that we were somehow able to craft into a 3 bedroom apartment(luckily with a friend studying architecture and a "wall" building company), the 2 other lovely ladies I reside with and I are lucky enough to have 2 closets each (one for shoes, one for clothes, naturally). Unfortunately these closets are baby sized nonetheless and therefore I am left to fantasize about the closet I will probably never have...In a perfect world I would have Cher's digital closet from Clueless, but these might be a little more attainable one day.. fingers crossed.
Carrie Bradshaw's Closet in SATC 2

Love the mirrored furniture.

Perfect Shoe Storage..
[via {this is glamorous} at citified.blogspot.com]

Adorable chair, perfect trunks.
[via pseriesstylist.com]

This is probably the size of my entire apartment.
[via Domino]

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