happy weekend.

Happy weekend, lovies! I am planning on laying low (famous last words...I'm sure by 7pm I'll be 2 bourbons deep). I saw Ben Howard in concert this week and I'm still thinking about how awesome he was live. His onstage energy is contagious and his voice is flawless. I highly recommend going to see him! If that's not a possibility, watch his Keep Your Head Up music video, because it will brighten any Friday afternoon. I've had this book for months now and after seeing a really inspiring presentation for Social Media Week (go, Emily!), I think it's time to read it and get some new ideas flowing. I also want to catch up on listening to the new Mumford & Sons album and try some new egg recipes. Seriously, everything is better with a poached egg on top of it.


  1. Anything with a runny egg on top is okay by me. Yum!


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  3. Totally lovin' the vibe of this blog- it's got a lot of my favorite things mixed up- and hello bourbon- I'm a scotch girl, so we have that in common! ;) And oooohhh poached eggs!

    Happy Weekend, friend! Now following.

    xo Carlina

  4. First of all, amazing blog name. :) Also nice, i saw some posts, kewl. Lastly, I wish i had more time to have a relaxing weekend. Sounds fun. :) Thanks for ur comment on mah blog. Cheers from Milan.

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  5. Thanks for visits:) Great pics!:) Kiss:*

  6. This sounds like a pretty glorious weekend – hope it turned out as planned! Agreed about eggs – I think you can put the on top of almost anything.

    Sea and Swank

  7. Hope you were able to enjoy your weekend! Love the Mumford & Sons album and who doesn't enjoy a perfectly poached egg?

    ~ Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  8. nod nod, all the ingredients for a perfect weekend ;) what is that font? i love it!

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com


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